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Su Pilates素行普拉提品牌运营中心

Address: F3-01 Shuncheng Shopping Center, No. 5 Yanhe Road, Wuhua District, Kunming, Yunnan, China
地址: 云南省昆明市五华区大观街道办事处沿河路5 号顺城购物中心F3-01

Contact Person: Celine

Email: celine0247@163.com

Phone: 18088456506

Xiaohongshu: SU PILATES 素行普拉提

Wechat: Supilates_


About Su Pilates Studio

Su Pilates was founded in 2010, with its first store strategically located in the core business district of the southern area of Kunming, Yunnan Province. The brand’s development targets the main commercial districts in Kunming and has expanded to five direct-operated stores, including Shuncheng Shopping Center, Tongde Shopping Center, Sports City, Nanyuecheng Shopping Center, and 1903 Shopping Center. The brand’s influence now covers the entire city.

The brand has been committed to the idea of bringing the benefits of Pilates to more people and is dedicated to creating a women-exclusive “third living space.” It advocates for women’s happiness, independence and confidence, joy, and pride, all defined by themselves. Women are encouraged to be brave and resilient, gentle yet determined, and to love themselves, embracing a lifetime of romance.

Su Pilates adheres to a professional and caring approach, following a consistent teaching system based on the Polestar Pilates method. It supports over one million women in China during antenatal, pregnancy, and postpartum recovery, advocating for the use of sports rehabilitation to heal any postpartum injuries.

The precise shaping Pilates focuses on sculpting the body from the inside out by training the core muscles. It not only helps shape the body but also improves posture, resulting in an elegant female figure.