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iFun Pilates
911, Building 2m Tianxiang International,
Zhujiang Road, Huangdao District,
Qingdao, China.
Tel. +18563965886

Contact Person: Ms. Aerda
Email: 1740395589@qq.com

About iFun Pilates

iFun Pilates was founded in 2012, and has been going from strength to strength ever since. The Chinese character “Fan” refers to neatness and purity which constantly encourages us to stay true to our original mission and urges us to solve members’ problems with a professional attitude.

Pilates is a fantastic exercise system, suitable for anybody from the office worker to the professional athlete. Through the practice of Pilates, you are truly able to achieve a real balance between body and mind.

Aerda, the founder, has been teaching Pilates for 12 years and is passionate aboute developing her teaching skills. She is recognized for her professionalism and has helped many people achieve their health and fitness goals. In addition, she stays committed to the popularization of Pilates. In this way, she hopes that more and more people will know Pilates and benefit from it. iFun became a Polestar Host studio in 2019 and looks forward to training the next generation of Pilates teachers in Qingdao!

时刻勉励在行走路上的我们“怀揣初心,不忘初心”以专业的职业 态度去解决会员问题。普拉提在创立之初就是器械康复训练,用来帮助骨盆腰椎段康复,颈椎肩关节系统修复等问题,随着现代科学技术的发展,慢慢延伸到体态矫正,改善形体,通过对人体核心的练习,及激活人体不同肌肉群的练习去控制我们的身体活动,从而达到真正身心平衡,通过普拉提感受身心的愉悦美好。创始人艾达执教12年,用专业得到了会员的认可和追随,她一直致力于普拉提的推广,希望能够让更多的人认识普拉提,受益于普拉提,解决并康复身体问题,重拾美好体态,艾.梵拥有专业素养居于省内行业前沿的教练团队,让更多的人走近艾.梵普拉提,并且让健康意识与生活紧密相伴起来。