Continuing Education

You journey does not end with the Polestar Exam… Polestar Pilates provides you with a rich source of Advanced Education that will last throughout your entire career!

Polestar Pilates aims to accompany and enrich you througout your carreer. The Polestar approach to education enables and requires graduates to continue accumulating knowledge and skills in the Pilates and movement related fields. This continued study and updating will also enable Graduates to qualify for requalification. All of our courses will take your Pilates to another level, by teaching and encouraging you to think and be creative – you will take back with you many new tools that will benefit you and your clients.

* Please Note: Any courses taken after you have successfully taken your exam (be it Gateway, Core Curriculum, or Continuing Education courses) will earn you CECs that can be used towards re-qualification.

Increase your value as a Pilates teacher and continue along the Path to becoming a Polestar Pilates Advanced Teacher. By doing so you will join an Elite group that will have the tools to work with many different types of populations and special focus clients. Complete the required courses at your own pace, typically 2 to 3 years according to the following table:

Assessment Skills 48 hours
Pathokinesiology 48 hours
Performance Kinesiology 32 hours
Communication 16 hours
Electives 16 hours

Upcoming continuing education courses: