Polestar Re-Qualification

The Polestar approach to education enables and requires graduates to continue accumulating knowledge and skills in the Pilates and movement related fields.

Polestar Pilates Education continues to improve and develop its curriculum and qualification process. Like most high-quality qualification programs, re-qualification is an essential part of maintaining skills and quality of care. In order to remain in good standing with Polestar Education after completion of the examination process students must accrue 16 POLESTAR Continuing Education Credits (CECs). These should be completed within a two year period commencing from the date of issue of the certification/qualification. Another option for Rehabilitation and Studio practitioners – you can remain in good standing with Polestar if you maintain your National Pilates Certification – Read more about the National Pilates Certification Programe (NPCP) here.

Comprehensive Graduates do not need to renew their Mat or Reformer qualifications as the Studio/Rehab qualification covers all disciplines.

Please Note: Any courses taken after you have successfully taken your exam (be it Gateway, Core Curriculum, or Continuing Education courses) will earn you CECs that can be used towards re-qualification. 


You can see the full re-qualification Policy here.

Benefits of Re-qualifying


Re-qualification will allow you to remain current with Polestar, to stay on the Polestar website listing, and stay searchable to clients.


Consolidate and re-affirm your knowledge of the work, and become a much better teacher in the process.


Current Polestar Grads are able to obtain discounts on selected Courses, Advanced Training as well as Polestar Products.


Building your Polestar profile on the Polestar website will result in more referrals to you as a teacher and/or studio

Donwload the Re-qualification form here (English)

If you need the form in another language, please contact the host in your area