Polestar Mentors

Take your Education to the next level by becoming a Mentor
and help the next generation of students
in becoming true professionals

Polestar Mentors are extremely valuable members of the Polestar Education process,supporting and enhancing the Educators’ role. They work with students enrolled in Polestar courses, helping them with exercise mastery, teaching skills and theory. Mentor status is granted once the necessary requirements and assignments are fulfilled as a Mentor‐in‐Training.

How to become a Mentor


Who can?

Instructors of high calibre, whose skills, knowledge, values and personal qualities are in line with the school.


Not everybody will be able to become a Mentor. It is important that Graduates are enrolled in this program for the right reasons.


To become a Mentor, an individual must be a Polestar Graduate, and they must be nominated by a
Polestar Educator.


You must complete a set of requirements, set out in the Mentor Logbook, to the satisfaction of the Educators that you assist.

Benefits of becoming a Mentor


You will enter a community of some of the most well respected people in the industry


Consolidate and re-affirm your knowledge of the work, and become a much better teacher in the process.


Mentors are able to obtain discounts on selected Courses, Advanced Training as well as Polestar Products.

Additional income

Mentoring Activities will become an additional source of income for you and your Studio.

Join the Polestar Mentoring team

If you think that you have what it takes to become a Mentor in your area