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Dance, Fitness, Sports and Yoga professionals.

Integrate Pilates into your professional life.

Enhance your understanding of biomechanics, common pathologies and movement assessment to keep clients/students safe from injury. Through clear cueing, visual imagery and tactile facilitation of optimal movement patterns, improve your effectiveness as a professional.

You have probably heard that Pilates focuses on getting better abdominals. But did you know that Pilates is much more than that? Pilates tends to emphasise quality and efficiency of movement, paying close attention to the way movement is initiated. Through repetition of biomechanically healthy movement patterns, risk of injury is diminished.

Gateway Pilates presents an eclectic approach to movement assessment, performance and instruction that applies to any practice such as yoga, sports, dance or daily activities of life. The genius is in the education structure and multimedia support materials which give you a simple yet complete introduction to Pilates. Gateway can bring an opportunity to add an additional revenue stream and depth to your professional practice. Students will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of each course. Please note that these courses are Intro level courses and are not qualification courses.

Quality and Value

With Gateway, Polestar enables you to train with one of the most reputable Pilates schools in the world and costs less than you might think.

With the on-line course you will learn the fundamental concepts necessary to participate in the course weekend, where you will learn movement sequences that can be applied immediately with your clients. Gateway is the perfect introduction to Pilates.

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