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Physiotherapists, manual therapists, nurses, doctors and other health professionals.

Integrate Pilates in your clinical practice

If you are thinking of including Pilates for rehabilitation and other therapies but you find time and money a problem, Polestar has a good quality and low cost solution for you. Gateway has been designed for healthcare professionals interested in a basic Pilates education which complements their knowledge and clinical practice.

Best is that Gateway has a training structure and materials that will provide you an easy and complete introduction to PilatesGateway will bring you the opportunity to generate additional income and increase your knowledge. If you have always wanted to implement Pilates in your clinical practiceGateway is for you. Students will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of each course. Please note that these courses are Intro level courses and are not qualification courses.

Gateway for Health Professionals

Say YES to quality, learn with the Gateway program designed by the Pilates academy with the best reputation in the world, and it will cost less than you think.

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