Gateway Courses – Introductory level

GATEWAY Pilates… like no other Pilates Instruction Program.

You have heard about the benefits of Pilates. It greatly enhances the quality of life and health in those who practice and teach regularly. You know you would like to be a Pilates Teacher and at the same time you find the investment of time and money to be overwhelming at this stage of your professional development.

POLESTAR PILATES® has designed a program just for you. The genius is in the education structure and multimedia support materials which give you a simple yet complete introduction to a profession that can bring you joy, professional satisfaction and an opportunity to earn money.

Gateway starts with a 3hr Gateway Online course which provides the student with concise information about Pilates history, movement principles and professional ethics. This is followed by any of the three creatively and exclusively designed Polestar Gateway contact courses (Pilates Mat, Reformer and equipment), which will not only equip students with an introductory level of Pilates teaching skills, quickly and effectively, but also form the first and resourceful component of the Polestar qualification training programme. Students will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of each course. Please note that these courses are Intro level courses and are not qualification courses.

A perfect combination of time and money,
if you have always wanted to teach Pilates, GATEWAY is for you!”

Who is Gateway Pilates Programme designed for?

  • The health and fitness professional who is interested in basic instruction in the use of Pilates Mat and Equipment exercises to supplement their current practice. From personal trainers, to Yoga instructors to physiotherapists, this could be the perfect program for you.
  • For those with limited time, limited resources or to prepare for a full professional Pilates teacher training. You know you want to become a Pilates teacher – this is the perfect first step on the road to full qualification.
  • Teachers who want to add Pilates to their reportoite in order to get the best out of their students – Physical Education teachers, Ballet teachers can all add another string to their bow!
  • For Pilates Enthusiasts who want to experience Pilates at a deeper level. This will enable you to understand Pilates exercise in greater detail, leading to improved and more effective Pilates workouts at the studio or at home.
  • For Comprehensive Graduates who want to gain some knowledge of group (Mat or Reformer) teaching, and vice versa.

You can choose one of the options below:

Gateway Online