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Address: Shengjingyuan Shop, Southwest corner of Tuanjunan Road Crossing, Dazhai Road, Yanta District, Xi’an, China
地址: 西安市雁塔区大寨路团结南路十字西南角盛景园商铺

Tel 固定电话:029-88994006
WeChat 微信: 15319783311 / 18992831133

About FuHui Studio

Xi’An Fuhui Pilates Studio founded in Oct 2012, is a training center focused on Pilates and Prenatal exercises. Fuhui expanded from 1 Studio to 3 Studios and established a high-quality reputation after 8 years of development.

We take it as our mission to help postpartum mothers and girls to return; uphold the values of professionalism, diligence, heart, and gratitude; take care of every private lesson and be responsible for the effect of member training; gain the affirmation and trust of members as the glory. Helping Chinese women with a relaxed and healthy life during pregnancy, regain beautiful body, and rediscover a positive life!