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WeChat Enquiries: 意施普拉提教培中心 / polestar18620444080
Branch: 广东省广州市越秀区署前路33号大院自编一号楼7楼
Tel: +86 18145709727

Contact Person: Lynn Li
Email: avisli@126.com
WeChat ID: polestar18620444080

About EC Pilates Studio

E.C Pilates Studio is an exciting studio with a staff of 14 coaches trained and certified Polestar Pilates, and who are also PMA certified. They provides customized body shape fitness services for their clients. Continuous and professional Pilates training and education is one of their most important services, aimed at fitness and Pilates professionals who want to take the next step in their professional development. Polestar Education at EC Pilates not only provides a regular regional schedule for the Polestar training program but also offers efficient practice opportunities and a great mentorship program for their students.

E.C Pilates Studio is a well-equipped studio and possesses a wide range of top quality equipment (STOTT,BALANCE BODY) so sessions at EC Pilates are sure to be exciting and challenging.

E.C Pilates is located in Guangzhou Zhujiang New Town CBD area, which is the center of South China. It provides convenient traffic and a very comfortable environment – guaranteed good quality service for the clients and students!

EC Pilates Studio became Polestar Hosts in 2016 and look forward to training the next generation of Pilates Teachers in Guangzhou, China!