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WeChat Enquiries: Polestar-BodyMind
Branch: 湖南长沙雨花区梓园路520号大财门写字楼A栋20楼20001-20002

20001-20002, 20th Floor, Building A, Dacaimen Office Building, No. 520, Ziyuan Road, Yuhua District, Changsha, Hunan

Tel: +86 18007311011

Contact Person: Mr. XuDong Huang
Email: 13211655@qq.com
WeChat ID: shisu77777

About BodyMind Pilates Studio

The company is committed to improving people’s health awareness and health level in a scientific way, improving people’s health and sports level by scientific means, and improving the quality of life. The studio is located in the city center, with a 200 square meters wide space, and near a famous park, which can suit the physical, mental and spiritual sports perfectly.