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Address: 1516-1517, Jinding Building, Jinggangshan Road, Huangdao District, Qingdao, Shandong Province

地址: 山东省青岛市黄岛区井冈山路金鼎大厦1516-1517

Tel/电话: 16775679988

A+ Pilates
Contact person: Aerda
Email: 1740395589@qq.com

About A+ Pilates

A+ Pilates Studio is a new brand image specially prepared for Polestar Pilates training settled in Qingdao. The venue has a full set of Pilates equipment, as well as Gyrotonic® equipment. Studio located in Jinding Building, Huangdao District, West Coast of Qingdao. Conveniently located, 30 minutes away from the train station by car and 1 hour away from the airport. The scenery is beautiful and faces the sea, the supporting facilities around the venue are complete, the hotel and shopping mall are 5 minutes’ walk, and the usable area of the venue is 500 square meters.
Aerda, the brand manager, has been studying in the Polestars Pilates since 2016, and after becoming the organizer of Polestar Pilates, has become more determined to bring professional and trustworthy Pilates to more partners in Qingdao at a more efficient learning cost.

品牌主理人Aerda 自2016年开始进入北极星普拉提系统学习,成为北极星主办方后让其更加坚定,一定要把专业,值得信赖的普拉提,以更有效率的学习成本,带给青岛更多的伙伴。