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Professional Courses

The instructors' vocational Polestar Pilates training is based on solid movement principles, promoting your knowledge in order that you learn to...
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Introductory Courses

The instructors' vocational Polestar Pilates training is based on solid movement principles, promoting your knowledge in order that you learn to...
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Continuing Education

Polestar does not finish on having finalized a professional course but we will accompany you, if you want us to, during all...
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Why Polestar?

There are many reasons why you should choose to train with Polestar Pilates to achieve professional success

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    What People Say

    What real people said about their Polestar experience.

    Christopher Chua


    Polestar is always current with the latest scientific findings and it involves the mental/emotional energy channels.

    Imuta Masaki


    Scientific and fun!

    Sherlyn Chong


    Maintenance and implementation of high teaching standards of it’s graduates internationally.

    Ayako Kondo


    Anyone can become the family. I came to respect the human body deeply.  Gateway is a very good system and it’s fun because I can learn.

    Ikeno Momoe


    My favourite thing about Polestar is mobility and stability.  While I was a young personal trainer, I had been heavy wait training for over 5 years.  I realised that didn’t improve my body movement.  Because during weight training, it was gaining muscle.  My full body was able to change and get strong muscle.  However, I lost my flexibility, stability and good posture.  So I suggest to do pilates, it was great education how to move body and improve posture.  I’m so happy to encounter Polestar pilates in my life.

    Helen Danting Lin

    Hong Kong

    Step by step to become a master.  Polestar shares not only the knowledge of pilates, but also the idea of mind-body-spirit connectivity.  Following Polestar is following the giant’s gait.

    Ting Zhang


    Polestar feels like family.  I also like the progressive steps to learning and becoming a trainer.

    Susan Sun


    Thank you so much for your encouragement, and really appreciate the opportunity I had with you for the past three years. Pilates with be part of my life forever!

    Karin Ubbiali

    Hong Kong

    It was such a great learning curve working with you and Sam as well as Yuko & Ervin and the rest of the mentors.  You are all a great inspiration to me: I feel very fortunate to work with such a fantastic team.
    I always feel that there is so much more to learn, which I also find exciting ( and humbling).
    I’ve never thought I would enjoying Pilates to such an extent and I am very grateful to be part of the ISO Fit and Polestar team.

    Thank you so much for your support, encouragement and teaching!

    Elly Rawack


    Thank you so much Dawnna. I have really enjoyed my time with you. I am hoping that we will see each other again in the near future and if you ever come down under.

    Cromwell Cheung


    “Through the exam (and through your guidance), I learn a lot. I started to explain the linkage of the movements to the clients in my class last.  And they seems got the idea much easier…Once again, big thank you to you,  Dawnna.”

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